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Ecuador tourist attractions, besides the Galapagos Islands with itinerary
Quitot to Banos tour
Ecuador´s Mainland is more than just another place to visit in South America, Ecuador has it all. Few Countries on Earth are so diverse. Perhaps this is your first time in Ecuador so you must be wondering where to begin besides de Galapagos Islands? Ecuador is one of the countries you would like to come back more than once. There are endless “Ecuador tourist attractions” and activities so much to see and experience especially in the cultural and outdoor field.

Here a shortlist of the places that stand out the most, they are not in a specific order so you can start visiting these Ecuador tourist attractions in the order that you prefer.

Mindo, this wonder town is a cloud forest that has been attracting birders, scientists, nature enthusiasts, expats, artists locals, non-locals and visitors from here and there. In fact, all of those who are inspired by nature, come attracted to this Ecuador tourist attraction with its lush green cloud forest and its abundance of plants trees and birds. Mindo has been the winner on bird count for four years. Mindo cloud forest is like no other place on earth, is the birding hotspot in the universe.

The calm heartbeat of Mindo casts a spell on those who have ventured to his town and its “tourist attractions”. With its peaceful environment, full of cafes, local restaurants, pizza places, Vegetarian, Mexican and fusion food. Also, small bars and discotheques, street vendors, artists, kids at the parks, street dogs and the rush of the locals whose main income is the tourism, is probably what makes this wonder town so attractive, although it is such a small town it is always alive. Mindo can be a role model to follow when it comes to “sustainable tourism”.

When visiting Mindo cloud forest on a tour, you might like to start with the hike to the waterfalls and Tarabita ride. Then if you like adrenaline try the Zipline from 2 to 10 lines, to then continue to town for a delicious lunch followed by, either the butterfly farm, hummingbird, or bird garden. All of the mentioned activities are highly recommended as well as the chocolate tour and sampling. If you stay overnight you cannot miss the frog concert or insect night tours!

Note: Normally on a day tour you are able to accomplish 3 to 4 activities depending on the pace. And in the Mindo two day tour you’ll have the chance to experience all the activities mind has to offer.

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